deposition excerpt


“An older guy um, a short man with a beard, he was wearin’ a leather coat. He  brought up a roll for me to develop. He thinks I develop pictures? He sorta mumbles he knows I gotta a darkroom downstairs. No one um brings film here. I mean I don’t do none of that for customers, just for me for fun for myself.  I fix the cameras that’s it period. He was strange about how he knows about the darkroom. He waves out a five spot and sticks it in my shirt pocket and kinda orders or bosses me to just develop the film, no pictures. He goes outside to smoke. I open the door and says to him he can wait in the shop. I know he hears me but he says nothing. Jeez it was cold out. I says kinda of loud I’ll do it but the Rexall place a few blocks down is cheaper. He spat into the bushes. When I finish, he’s still outside smoking. I hand him the canister with the negative film rolled up inside. He grabs it just like that and walks down the road, towards Murray’s diner there on Fifth.


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