“Eleven X” is a pseudonym for a subdivision in Polk County, Florida USA



The flag has been on display since 2003. A mirror is mounted on the ceiling of the master bedroom.



The Eleven X subdivision sign sits on the property. A fallow orange grove abuts the lot.



The home is colorfully lit throughout December. All-weather loudspeakers blare Jingle Bells and Sleigh Ride from dusk ’til 10 p.m.



A homeowner dialed 911. “There’s a suspicious man outside taking pictures.” Two squad cars arrived.  … The deputies waved. “Hello Mr. Z,” Deputy Dow called out. “It’s a fine night for taking pictures—no law against that.” Z nodded, “Be safe guys. Oh, would you mind pulling up beside each other? That’ll make an interesting picture.”



The patriarch is taciturn. The matriarch not so. The brown brick home is dark night and day.



Empty: It’s a house, not a home.



Among the first residents to move into the development, they have yet to attend a single HOA meeting.



The two rocks prevent cars from careening into the Z’s yard.



A young married couple lives here—both CPAs. They installed an outdoor video surveillance system. They are quiet.



A simple spinster’s home … her neighbor Mr. B, hectors her about crab grass encroaching upon his lawn.



Sunday routine: Busy Mr. B first retrieves the local Sunday paper. Then he tidies up his yard.



Just one road in the subdivision, Mr. F habitually tailgated neighbors. Cancer killed him. His widow has a penchant for symmetry.



Pleasant empty nesters live here. A chunk of the trunk of their palm tree fell out.



A single working mom raised her two sons here. Now grown up, they both work for NASA.



Ruddy nosed, foul tempered, and prone to kicking his dogs, Mr. Q is demented. His wife, a nurse, practices patience.



Tinkerbell sometimes swoops down and sprinkles fairy dust on the lawn. She believes it will help the parents and their teenage children grow up and drive more responsibly.



The Eleven X subdivision begins and ends here.



Mr. Z takes in the sign and lets out a sigh. They’ve finished their stroll; it’s time to head back home.

One Response to “The HOA”

  1. Adrian Malloch

    Wonderful photographs of a neighbourhood and truly great captions Bob. A bit of multi-photo jiggery pokery with the empty nesters photo, methinks. Are you familiar with Gerd Ludwig’s Sleeping Cars series? A similar vibe. Your Horizons series also captivated me but in a different way. They reminded me of the feeling I had with Sugimoto’s sea horizon photographs but the colour palette of yours does something else entirely. Anyway, I really enjoyed your photography and hope that I can ‘pull finger’ and do some more self-commissioned projects that approach the quality of your work.



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